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College of Computer Science

Department of Computers and Communication


  The department aims to promote information engineering and educate computer and communication professionals so that they may actively contribute to high-tech industries and the development of the national economy.
Program Features

  The curriculum is designed to emphasize both theoretical and practical works. Courses covering knowledge of communications, electronics, and information technology help students learn to develop and be familiar with a variety of computer application systems and communication technology. To strengthen their R&D abilities, all students are also required to complete a one-year course involving a special project in order to be qualified for graduation.

  AII full-time faculty members have Ph.D. degrees in computer, electronics and communication engineering with expertise in mobile computing, information security, multimedia communication networks, artificial intelligence, software engineering, wireless communication, digital signal processing, communication theory and coding and communication system design, etc.
Career Prospects

  The career market in computers and communication has enormous demands, not only in software development or hardware manufacturing but also in virtually any business and industry where computer and communication technology are needed to render better services or to facilitate the manufacturingproduction process. The related areas of work are information technology, communication networks, wireless communications, development of communication equipment, Internet services, hardware and software development, and other related industries. The students may also pursue advanced degrees in graduate school.


Department of Computer and Communication:http://www.com.nptu.edu.tw/bin/home.php?Lang=en