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College of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science


  The Department of Computer Science at National Pingtung University was founded in 2000 to offer an undergraduate degree. Since 2004, the department has offered a graduate degree. In order to meet the needs of leading technology professionals in the computer and information industry, the department was reorganized into non-teacher education in 2006. In 2010, the Institute of Education Technology was integrated into the department.

  The teaching goal of the Department of Computer Science is to equip students with professional skills, including theories. For digital learning technology, our department combines the Department of Visual Arts to train computer science professionals in digital learning and digital archiving. Since 2004, our department has held a digital learning conference each year. The Journal of Computer Science and Application has been published by our department since 2005.
Faculty (Academic staff)

  There are 11 full-time faculty members in our department, including four professors, four associate professors and three assistant professors, all of whom have a Ph.D. degree. Research expertise includes image processing, digital content, artificial intelligence, e-learning, cloud applications, virtual reality, computer networks, computer systems, information security, algorithms, operating systems, circuit design, intelligent computing and monitoring automation systems.
Course Design

  In our department, there are 3 areas including Image Processing and Communication Networking, Computer System Design and Intelligent Computing, and e-Learning and Digital Content. As a result of our training, students can become professionals in these areas.
Future Careers for Students

1. Computer Network and Communication Engineering and Research

  Our department provides several courses including computer networks , wireless communications, web establishment, network programming , mobile computing , and network security to train students as network engineers , network managers , and web managers.

2. Software System Engineering and Research

  Our department provides a variety of courses including programming languages, web design, cell phone app programming, window software design, database systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, and network security to train students to become programmers, software system designers, app designers, database designers, and system managers.

3. Digital System Engineering and Research

  Courses in this area of research include introduction to digital design, introduction to VLSI, VLSI design, FPGA integrated circuit design, and integrated circuit design of communication networks. By taking these courses, students can become IC designers, IC test engineers, system verification engineers, system integration engineers or system development engineers.

4. Digital Content Engineering and Research

  Courses in this area of research include introduction to 3D pictures, computer animation, game design, virtual reality, digital content design, image processing, and e-learning. By taking these courses, students can become animation designers, game designers, multimedia designers, digital content system designers, and e-learning programmers.

  Graduates from our department are expected to possess adequate capacity and ability to facilitate access to the job market, and to also pursue further graduate studies. Alumni not only continue with further studies, but also serve as engineers in the Science Park. A portion of our graduates also serve as information technology teachers in elementary schools. Alumni have a variety of career opportunities and can choose future career development based on their own interests.



Department of Computer Science:http://nptucs-en.mystrikingly.com/