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College of Computer Science



  The technique and application related to VR/AR are quite extensive. Up to the present, there are still numerous difficulties including the lack of cultivating talented persons, the insufficiency of core technique and the high cost of research and development to overcome.

  College of Computer Science, National Pingtung University plans to set up “VAR Technology Center” and provide the VAR crossing domain credit courses. It aims at cultivating students’ abilities concerned with the professional VR/AR techniques and helps students accomplishing the credit courses obtain employment.


VR/AR:Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

VAR:Virtual and Augmented Reality




  How to combine information technology with VR/AR new technology and applying them in our daily lives will possibly become a lifestyle normality in the future around the world. With the transition of technological industry, the application of VR also changes the rules of healthy care, agriculture, manufacturing industry and business. For example: doctors utilize VR equipment to strengthen traditional medical care; the architects use VR techniques to create more stable buildings, and tourist use VR techniques to simplify the holiday planning. It can be seen that the commercial opportunities of VR and AR are quite huge. Because of the huge commercial opportunities and multiple applications related to VR and AR, National Pingtung University sets up a crossing domain of VAR Technology Center in the National Pingtung University Pingshang Campus and cultivate the talented persons needed by the digital industry.


VAR Exhibition Center

  The VAR Center is located on the second and the third floor of the composite restaurant in the National Pingtung University Pingshang Campus. It presents the equipment of VR, AR and MR and software technology. For example,

(1) AR Aquarium

(2) VR Racing

(3) VR Treadmill

(4) 9D Dynamic Double Egg Seat

(5) 5D Dynamic Riding

(6) 5D motion skiing

(7) 5D motion motorcycle

(8) VR bicycle

(9) MR medical rehabilitation system and

(10) ground projection AR interactive system.


  And the products developed by our teachers and students are:

(1) Pingtung University VR Campus Scenery System

(2) Pingtung Pacific Department Store VR Shopping System (Vive version, gesture version)

(3) AR smart glasses travel guide system

(4) Interactive 3D pet holographic projection system

(5) Glassless 3D studio system

(6) AR Infrared Shooting Game

(7) 3D interactive games and 3D animation.


VAR Laboratory

  The VAR center sets up “The Seminar Room of VAR Teaching” on the second floor. The members from different domains participate in the developments and study of VR/AR/MR. It comprises The Technique Development Laboratory, Mobile Application Laboratory, Crossing and Creative Laboratory, Animation Game Laboratory, Materials and Digital Media Laboratory and Shopping and Marketing Laboratory. The system and content developed by the developing team can be displayed through the equipment on the 3rd floor. The six teaching teams in our school include technical development, mobile application, crossing creation, animation game, materials and digital media and shopping and marketing.


VAR Talented Persons Cultivation

  Based on developing UGSI University, the teams join the cooperation of VR/AR/MR crossing teaching research to achieve the integrating courses and share with teaching resources. It not only helps students learn the theory and practical experiences of VR/AR/MR, but provides the cooperative opportunities for teachers and industries joining the practical projects of enterprises, the students’ practical training outside the school, and assisting enterprises and governments to develop the relative systems and digital materials concerned with VR/AM/MR. It can cultivate students to have professional techniques and knowledge of VA/AR/MR. The practical training courses deeply can help teachers cooperate with each other, and implement the cooperative forms through industry’s practical requirements. It is the goal that students can attain an employment as soon as they graduate.