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College of Computer Science

Department of Information Management


  Guided by the practical principles of technological and vocational higher education, this program is devoted to cultivating high-level management talents who have international perspectives and information system development capabilities.
Program features

  Curriculum and teaching design focus on the combination of theory and practice. The core curriculum is mainly comprised of information management courses, and is supplemented by courses on technology integration. Students are encouraged to conduct practical research that implements both information technologies and management theories.

  Emphasis is laid on acquiring knowledge concerning two mutually reinforcing academic domains: Information Management and Information Technology. As theory and practice are equally emphasized in the curriculum arrangement, the core courses focus on information technology and management theory. To accomplish the program goals, advanced courses are arranged to encourage students to develop their independent thinking ability and research interests and ideas. Electives are constructed primarily to integrate IT and management, and focus on advanced applications.

  All faculty members have a doctorate degree, covering a wide range of information management, data mining, e-commerce, supply-chain management, artificial intelligence applications, software engineering, computer network and information security and other related fields.
Career prospects

  Graduates will find many employment opportunities and jobs in the information sector of all industries as planners, operators, managers, or researchers. If graduates wish to pursue a doctorate degree, they can apply to domestic and foreign universities of science and technology or general universities in the relevant areas.



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