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College of Computer Science

Department of Intelligent Robot


The purpose of the Bachelor Program in Robotics is to nurture theory and technology of computer science with computers, intelligent robotics, sensors, verification expertise, wireless sensor networks, and image processing. We aim to cultivate expertise to enhance the domestic computer and intelligent robot energy and become information technology talents. Meanwhile, we have established a joint laboratory and training center with Altera, Terasic, Innovati, and Vimtek virtual reality technology companies, along with cooperation with the industry, to train more students with the required skills of professionals in the industry.



  This program bridges a close relationship between theory and practice. It establishes joint laboratory and training centers with related information technological companies, along with cooperation within the industry, to train students to meet the needs of professionals in the industry.


Educational Goals

  1. To train professionals of computer and intelligent robotics engineering related technological abilities, and to strengthen the research and development of the energy technology industry in Taiwan.
  2. To provide a combination of general education courses to foster students' humanities accomplishments.
  3. To train students in information technology theory and academic research capabilities.
  4. To train students to think independently and have team spirit.

  Integrating the faculties of all departments of the College of Computer Science, in order to develop their finer qualities.



Department of Intelligent Robot:http://intersci.nptu.edu.tw/bin/home.php?Lang=en