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College of Computer Science


We appreciate your interest in CCS International Mater program and look forward to helping you achieve your future academic and career-based goals.

International Students, please refer to the information below for document requirement and application procedures.

1.Documents Requirement

a. Two completed application forms(DOC) (ODT) (PDF) for international students with recent passport photos attached.

b. Verification of nationality or a duplicate of passport.

c. A photocopy of the applicant’s highest education diploma authenticated by Taiwan embassy (a Chinese or English version of certification from by Taiwan embassy).

d. A photocopy of the official transcript of the highest academic degree and is authenticated by Taiwan embassy (a Chinese or English version of certification from by Taiwan embassy).

e. A financial evidence document (A financial statement issued within 3 months from a financial institution with a minimum balance of US$4,000 or NT$100,000, or a copy of scholarship award notification).

f. A copy of Study Plan(DOC) (ODT) (PDF) in English or in Chinese

g. Chinese or English proficiency 

h. 2 copies of letters of Recommendation(DOC) (ODT) (PDF)

i. Affidavit for International Student Application(DOC) (ODT) (PDF)

j. Additional Documents Requirements from Departments

k. Application Checklist(DOC) (ODT) (PDF)

2.How to Apply

a. Apply on line and submit electronical application materials directly; the materials submitted NEED NOT to be sent by post mail again.


b. File your application in person at the International Cooperation Section of the Office of International Affairs, National Pingtung University. Send your application to the following address: (DHL or FedEx service is recommended for overseas application packages.) 900屏東市民生東路51號,中華民國(臺灣) International Student Affairs Section , Office of International Affairs, National Pingtung University No.51 MinSheng E. Rd. Pingtung City 900. Taiwan (R.O.C.)

For more information please to download the application handbook for international students, please click

Application Form (DOC) (ODT) (PDF)

Admission Handbook (open in a new window) NPTU Application Form.odt   Apply Online

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